Step Into Your Future Epic Health

A self-paced exploration of the things you want, the barriers that are holding you back, and the steps you need to take to overcome them to live your best life starting now.

Have you ever had the thought, “My body is just not built that way”?

Or maybe it’s something along the lines of, “my mom really struggled with weight, hormones, menopause, etc., so I’m going to, too.”

As women, we hold onto these beliefs as tightly as those skinny jeans we used to love.

And we almost never step back and ask… “WHY?”

Today I want to invite you to take a powerful journey with me. This is not about a particular diet or a specific set of health guidelines…

Instead, it’s an invitation into your own mind and soul where we can uncover what limiting beliefs are keeping YOU from living your best life.

Imagine a day where you…


Actually feel GOOD, ENERGIZED, and HEALTHY in your body so you can show up to your life with power and grace.


Aren’t saddled by beliefs like “this is just as good as it gets for my age” and instead walk with your head held high, oozing confidence to everyone around you…


Can pinpoint limiting beliefs BEFORE they cause damage to your mood, outlook, and actions…


Trust your body again to really tell you what it needs (instead of getting mixed signals all day every day)…

    On my journey to help women achieve vibrant health and energy naturally, I’ve discovered that one of the biggest hurdles we have to overcome isn’t entirely physical…


    It’s in our minds and in the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves.

    We can’t step forward into the life we want to live until we shed that garbage and see what’s really possible.

    You see, these messages that “this is normal” or “this is as good as it gets” or “your mom had the same thing, so it’s genetic” seep in and limit our perspective on what’s even possible for us. 

    Then we find ourselves stuck, unable to move the needle on our weight, health & energy, and are left wondering “what now”?

    If you are tired of the cycle of focusing on the next symptom to “fix,” the next hurdle to overcome, the next problem to solve, and instead you want to open up the possibility that something SO MUCH BETTER is waiting for you in 30, 60, 90 days down the road…

    The place to start isn’t with another diet. It’s with a deeper look into your mindset and the limiting beliefs you may be (even subconsciously) holding onto.

    In case we haven’t met before, my name is Dr. Mariza Snyder. I have a passion for helping women live their best lives NOW—and crushing the barriers that society puts on us all along the way.

    From the time we’re little girls, we’re told that our bodies are things to be “managed.” Concerns are brushed under the rug of “hormone issues” and written off as just something to deal with…

    We’re stuck, miserable, and sick… and our doctors basically give us a send off with (maybe) a prescription and a “good luck to you.”

    And then we’re often on our own to figure out what’s next.

    In the same breath we’re told our bodies are unique and beautiful…

    Then that they’re a “problem” to be solved and there’s no rule book for figuring it out.

    As women, we spend most of our lives living in this “in between” of loving our bodies and solving its mysteries…

    And it’s flat out exhausting in SO many ways. 

    So many of us don’t even know how to get started, let alone how to get ourselves to a goal we’re actually proud of. 

    I’ve experienced hormone chaos, chronic fatigue, debilitating brain injuries, and many other health struggles firsthand, and I’ve watched as THOUSANDS of women suffer for years, with no practical solutions given to them to actually make the changes they want to experience.

    And I’ve had enough.

    What’s Inside the Step Into Your Future Epic Health Course?

    I’ve designed this course to intentionally take you deeper into yourself and allow you to fully connect with what you want & what’s standing in your way.

    If you want better energy, a slimmer or stronger body, or freedom from the symptoms you’re experiencing on a daily basis, you may want to skip this part—but it’s crucial to your lasting success in ANY health effort you try.

    Within this course, you’ll get immediate access to…

    • Three video modules where I’ll walk you through exactly how our mindset & physical health are intricately woven—and what your first steps are to break free of these limiting beliefs
    • Effective tools and practices designed to shift your energy and accelerate your healing journey.  
    • A powerful guided digital workbook that leads you on the journey of identifying your own limiting beliefs, goals, and action steps to get you where you want to go
    • A guided visualization and meditation practice that will help you connect more deeply with what it is you truly want to accomplish in the days, weeks, and months ahead
    • And more!

    This course will lead you through THE foundational first step on any healing journey, no matter what your end goal may be.

    The Step Into Your Future Epic Health Course will help you…

    • Get clear on what it really is that you want to feel at this stage in your life
    • Identify societal messages that you’ve subconsciously absorbed about your body, health, goals, and outlook
    • Have the tools and skills to identify these blocks before they derail you again
    • Look inward to your strengths & desires so you can have complete confidence in your intuition
    • Feel confident that you are capable of living the life you want to live NOW and that the best can be still to come.

    This course gets you back into the energy of becoming that energized, future healthy self that feels so out of reach.

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    The confusion, the frustration…it ends now. Get the answers, guidance, and the how-to’s that have eluded you for just $44. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your money — no questions asked!

    “I never thought I would overcome my fatigue, anxiety, and sleep issues from over nine years of working as an ER nurse. I practically gave up any hope because nothing ever worked. 

    After listening to Dr. Mariza for years, I decided to beta test her new Epic Future Health course because I wanted to focus on me for the first time in over a decade.  I knew I needed to shift my focus if I was ever going to feel better again and I had to believe I could feel better again, after years of neglecting my body.  

    After I committed to doing the course and creating a vision for my health in just 30 days, I began to notice that my days felt less chaotic and I made time for me throughout the day, unlike I had in the past.  I started to experience more energy and alertness in the morning, which hasn’t happened in over five years. I am actually sleeping 6-7 hours a night due to a night ritual I created for myself. I feel lighter and happier than I have in 5+ years.  This has been the most powerful tool I’ve ever used because it changed how I felt about myself and gave me the tools to create a thriving body again.” 

    Emma Garrett 

    I got invited to beta test Dr. Mariza’s amazing new course and it changed my life! It was exactly what I was missing to finally have the healthy body and life that I love. Last year I woke up and decided to do things differently because I was tired of feeling overworked, tired and hopeless. Normally I would pick up my phone to get on Instagram, but instead I committed to creating a vision for my health.  Luckily it didn’t take that long to do and it was by far the most powerful thing I’ve done for my health in over a decade because it worked! 

    It’s been only 3 months since I got crystal clear on how I want my body to feel.  Once I had a vision and a plan for my healthy body, I was able to really see progress.  My energy, mood, clarity and relationships all improved beyond what I imagined was possible.  I know that I can now navigate any health challenges and create a life that I can really enjoy and thrive in.” 

    Rebecca Thorpe

    The Step Into Your Future Epic Health Course is for you if…

    … You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on diets & programs that don’t make a lasting difference.


    … You feel stressed out and overwhelmed by trying to be healthy with your genetic makeup, health history, and crazy busy life.


    …You’ve tried LOTS of things and haven’t been able to move the needle on achieving the health, energy, and vitality you really wish you could have at this stage in your life.


    … You struggle to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you wish you could be (because you don’t even know if it could really happen).


    Will this be like the Detox or other health courses you offer?
    Nope! This is entirely different from anything I’ve ever offered before. My Detox and Hormone Courses are designed to give women practical tools to manage their hormones and symptoms, but I saw a BIG gap in the area of mindset for a lot of participants. They thought their ok-ness was “as good as it could get” and it takes some intentional work to process that more IS, in fact, possible. 
    Do I need to have a diet, exercise, or other health plan in mind to do this course?
    Nope! This is a great standalone option for women who have either already started a diet, workout program, or health program and are having trouble getting the most out of them, OR for women who don’t even know where to start.
    What kinds of health goals can this program set me up to achieve?
    Just about anything. I know that all of us are on a different journey and are looking for different things when it comes to what “good” feels like for us (and this changes by the month or by the year for all of us). My goal is to provide a framework that gives YOU the tools to evaluate your own goals, figure out what mindset pieces need to shift to welcome abundant health and progress, and to find the best path forward for YOU.

    Ready to Rewrite Your Health Story?


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